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Not all headaches are the same, Pain Aid relieves them all

What can you receive but you have never asked for?   … A HEADACHE!!

Headaches can spoil your entire day and mood and you want nothing more than to get rid of it.  What should you reach for? ZEE’s famous Pain Aid, of course.

In this blog, I want to explain about headaches, our Pain Aid cure, and where this fabulous remedy came from.  

There are two types of headaches; primary and secondary.  

Primary headaches are when a headache is not caused by any other condition and caused by overactivity of structures in the head that are pain sensitive.  This includes blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck. Common types of headaches are tension headaches, migraines or a cluster headache.

Your lifestyle may cause a primary headache.  Overindulging in alcohol, particularly red wine, processed foods, poor posture or skipping a meal.  A loud concert venue or extensive glare from the sun are other types of a lifestyle primary headache. You may have a coughing fit and suddenly your head hurts.  

Secondary headaches are symptoms that one experiences when another symptom stimulates the pain-sensitive nerves in the head.  So this can be from an alcohol hangover, brain-freeze, concussion, dehydration, sinus infection, panic attacks or influenza.

More significant triggers would be a blood clot, glaucoma, high blood pressure or stroke.  A secondary headache is when there is no apparent reason and could possibly be caused by something more serious and should be discussed with your physician.  

Zee Medical has developed Pain Aid so you can get on with the rest of your day.  Pain Aid is a fast, effective headache and pain reliever. Pain Aid contains:

  • Acetaminophen 110 mg.   Pain and fever reducer
  • Aspirin (NSAID*) 162 mg.   Pain and fever reducer
  • Caffeine   32.4 mg.  Pain reliever aid
  • Salicylamide (NSAID*) 152 mg.   Pain and fever reducer

The caffeine in Pain Aid helps to speed up the delivery of the pain and fever reducers, entering the bloodstream much faster and reduces the headache duration.   Just beware, that too much caffeine can cause gastroesophageal (Acid) reflux and stomach pain. Never exceed more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per 24 hour period. ¹


Back in the early 60’s, our founder, Tom Zapara started selling ZEE vitamins in Southern California. How did ZEE get its name? Tom “Z”apara, of course! Tom’s vitamins turned into inquiries about first aid and then he added the “comfort line” which are some of the most popular tablets that are exclusive to ZEE, like Pain Aid.  Pain Aid has been a leader in headache relief ever since.


Headaches will come and go, but Pain Aid will be there to help make them disappear, at least until the next one.

* Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug

¹ en.wikipidia.org/wiki/caffeine  

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