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Do you know the correct procedures?

1. Squeeze the Bee Stinger out right away!

BALONEY It is harmful to do so as it will release more toxins into the bloodstream. Grab a pair of tweezers and pull it out. Add sting kill to the wound for relief.

2. Alcohol rubs reduce a fever

BALONEY A remedy of yesterday, but it’s not a good idea. It can induce shivering, which can raise body temperature further and could lead to serious medical complications. Use Pain-Aid or Tylenol to reduce a fever.

3. Do not pop a blister

FACT A blister is a protective bubble. New skin will form underneath the affected area and the fluid will be absorbed. Leaving the blister in tact will keep the skin underneath clean which will prevent infection and promote healing. If the blister breaks, do not peel off the skin as it is still protecting the wound. Bandage loosely.

4. Put a lost tooth into a glass of milk

FACT Give the tooth a gentle rinse, put into some milk and go to your appropriate care provider. Do not scrub the tooth and damage the root. Avoid touching the root and handle by the top of the tooth.

5. Twist, smother or burn a tick off

BALONEY Doing these things may cause the tick to vomit and burrow deeper which will increase your chances for Lyme disease. With a good pair of tweezers, grab the tick as close to the skin and with a firm, steady pressure, pull it out. Flush that tick down the toilet or insert into a ziplock style bag. Wash with soap and water and protect the wound with a bandage.

6. Apply heat to a sprain

BALONEY This can encourage more swelling by opening the blood vessels. Your best option at this time would be ice or ice pack. Keep the injured area on ice for 15 minutes every hour. This will keep swelling down to a minimum. Then gently wrap a compression bandage around the area. Remember the R I C E rule: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

7. Lean back to reduce and stop a nose bleed

BALONEY You don’t want blood getting into your windpipe and possibly blocking your airway. And your stomach does not like blood, you could end up vomiting. Instead, lean forward and pinch your nose with a washcloth or tissue for a bit of time.

8. Flush a burn with some cool water

FACT There is a nasty myth out there telling people to put butter on a burn. You are not a turkey to be roasted!! The grease from the butter will trap the heat and encourage infection. Don’t try to remove any stuck clothing and don’t break any blisters. Try using medically approved Water-jel burn jel for minor burns and then seek medical attention.

9. Use hot water to warm up a cold extremity

BALONEY You want to avoid and more extreme temperature change as to cause further damage. You want to use tepid water and gently bring the extremity back to proper temperatures. Slow and gentle.

10. Someone feels faint. Have them lie down

FACT They should lie down and raise their legs to get the blood flowing to the brain. Do not allow them to sit and put their head between their legs!! This can lead to them falling over. Sitting is not recommended.

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