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5 Tips to Cure End Of Summer Blues

So, you think it’s the end of Summer? Kids are returning to school and families are scattering to squeeze in just one more family vacation. If you are a fan of summer weather, remember that the Fall season does not officially begin until September 23rd.

August makes some people sad as they see it as the end of fun, vacations, festivals and outdoor events. But think again, it’s not the end; still plenty of summer left. Think of this change as adding a bit more structure to your week, whether it be work or school. We find ourselves gathering for earlier family dinners and we begin to communicate again. Our summertime weather will remain the same for at least another month or two, depending on your location.

But I get it, sometimes the summer heat can be overwhelming and tends to keep you indoors and less active. The heat and humidity can really wear you out physiologically and it can slow your metabolism down, thus putting you into a “funk”.

You may be watching the many social media feeds of friends and acquaintances; posting pictures about their fantastic vacations! This may make you feel that everyone is having fun except you. What you don’t see are the other 300 or so photos that are not social media worthy and were just not “good enough” to post.

What can you do to turn that frown, upside down?

     1.   Do what makes you happy.

    •  Look up local festivals, fairs & music venues.
    • Find a fun local destination to hang out with friends.
    •  Go to a sports event.
    •  Go for a hike or horseback ride and take in some beautiful scenery.
    • Take a canoe or kayak for a tour of a local river or lake.
    •  Get in the car and do a ‘day trip’ to a new city to explore, to a beach or a winery.

      2.  Get in touch – reach out.

    •  Keep in contact with people who mean a lot to you. Could be a relative or an old school friend. It’s never too late to make a new connection.

      3.  Make amends and clear the air.

    • Having a spat with a friend or relative can really bring you down. Best cure-all for this is to talk it out and come to a happy compromise. Doing this will take some major weight off your shoulders and make you feel better.

     4.  Take on an unfinished project.

    • Summertime, fun time. Projects can wait! This may be the perfect time to get that project finished. And what a good feeling of accomplishment and happiness this will bring you!

     5. Think about Autumn organization.

    • Prepare now for what is ahead. It could be heading back to campus, making the kids’ Halloween costumes, fall décor or yes, I’ll say it… Holiday shopping! Doing some planning in advance will relieve you of upcoming fall and winter stress and anxiety.
Please, don’t despair – be happy and apply some of these easy changes to make the summer to autumn transition and easy one. Don’t stop having fun, add some organization and you will be able to keep Summer Blues away and look forward to those pumpkin lattes you love so much!
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