A Fresh Start to a New Year for your well-being

  • Fitness. Commit to being more physically fit. Find what works for you. Perhaps getting a new puppy and go for those longs walks they need. This is a great way to begin a walking program. Perhaps you are a runner – take in some scenery or find a local “fun run”. Find a new gym or watch a new workout video.
  • Health. You’re constantly putting off your scheduled visits to your physician. You’re always encouraging others to do so why not for yourself? Go get that routine physical, mammogram or flu shot. Put your mind at ease or maybe nip something in the bud.
  • Sleep. Get your Zzz’s. Make sleeping a priority. Sleeping Improves your health – helps you to keep weight off, reduces some risk factors like heart attacks, strokes, even diabetes. A good night’s sleep makes you think more clearly and ready to seize the day!
  • Communicate. Get in touch with family, friends or people in your community. This makes you happier gives you fewer health problems. Having support and conversation with people clears your head and it doesn’t cost anything to reach out.
  • Learn. Don’t stop learning. perhaps you want to learn a new skill like jewelry making or photography. This keeps your brain functioning and improves your memory. Give your brain an intellectual work out – sign up for a class at your local rec center or community college and meet new people!
  • Give. Giving something of yourself – this gives you that high, that satisfaction that you made a difference in someone’s life. Giving is good whether you’re donating something or perhaps your time volunteering.
  • Gratitude. Being grateful is good for you! Many people focus on the negative things in their lives, but try to look past that and look at what you have. Being grateful reduces depression and stress and creates an overall good well-being. It also can prove to lower your blood pressure and slow down the aging process.

It’s a new decade and time for a new you. Get your fresh start.