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BEACH SAFETY – Same as the old days!


Family beach day

Summertime is almost here. And if the Beach is your “go-to” destination with the family, there are many things you need to remember:

• Lifejackets
• Sunscreen
• Portable Shade (umbrellas, pop-ups)
• Water shoes
• An Electrolyte replacement
• A good cover up
• Beach towel
• A Favorite Hat
• Corn hole, surf board and fun games
• First aid kit
• Sand chairs
• Music
• BBQ, food and beverages
• Keep alert


BBQ’s are a must-have item when spending the day at the beach! Think about placing the BBQ a decent distance away from your lounging area. It can easily topple over on an uneven surface and someone can easily get burned.    Be prepared with lots of snacks and water. Bring an electrolyte replacement like Sqwincher to keep hydrated.

Ronald Reagan as a life guard at Lowell Park in Illinois.


Respect the directions given to you by your Life Guard. When he or she blows the whistle, listen. They are there to look out for your safety. Your kids should always wear a proper life jacket when playing in the water. And when on any watercraft, everyone should be wearing one!





Make certain you have a cover up to escape summer sunburns. Keep reapplying the sunscreen.    Also include your favorite hat and water shoes. Come prepared with pop-up shade, tent or umbrella.




Bring your beach toys and games for a good time for all! Surf and boogie boards,  Boards and games corn hole,  frisbees and good ol’ beach balls are perfect for fun at the beach.




Music keeps you movin'


Music will always bring the best out of the group at the beach! Be respectful not to blast the music so loud to disturb others nearby. Different strokes for different folks!





A great sand chair is essential while relaxing at the beach. Relax, but always be prepared. Bring along a good first aid kit for little cuts and scrapes. And put the phone away folks, keep an eye on the little ones and make it a FUN, but safe day while at the beach.


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