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How to react during an Earthquake Part 2

It can be extremely alarming during an earthquake and can leave you pretty “shaken-up”.  You have to do some quick thinking and make sure you and the people around you are safe and away from danger. When inside your home, you want to drop down and take cover and hold on under a strong table…

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When Earthquakes Happen Part 1

Quakes Happen, you need to get prepared. Out here on the West coast, we have the highest risk of experiencing an earthquake. Are you and your family prepared? In this three-part series, we will be discussing: How to prepare for an Earthquake How to react during an Earthquake What to do after an Earthquake BEING…

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Autumn Safety in the Workplace

Got your flu shot? Some do, others don’t, but different strains are out there every year and if you want to minimize the miserable down time that a flu can cause, then a flu shot is your best bet. Even with a flu shot, its never a guarantee you won’t get the flu, but there…

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It’s still summer, but if you slowly start whittling down this list, you will transition into a more enjoyable autumn and winter season and your home won’t look like this one! GET YOUR INTERIOR PREPPED FOR FALL AND WINTER. Check for and repair air leaks. Look for drafts from windows, doors or even wall outlets.…

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5 Tips to Cure End Of Summer Blues

So, you think it’s the end of Summer? Kids are returning to school and families are scattering to squeeze in just one more family vacation. If you are a fan of summer weather, remember that the Fall season does not officially begin until September 23rd. August makes some people sad as they see it as…

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Picnic pests

It’s summertime and the perfect time for a picnic. Outdoor eating and grilling are fun, but not if you get unwanted visitors like ants, roaches, flies, birds or mice. These hungry “visitors” eat just about anything and can spread bacteria like E. coli or salmonella if they land on your food. They feast on animal…

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Fireworks Safety Tips

Independence Day is just around the corner and it’s time for family gatherings, bar-b-ques and of course, fireworks! We want you to have the best time ever by just pointing out some simply safety tips! Purchasing Fireworks. Safe and Sane only. Buy only from a licensed dealer. If it does not have a label, it…

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BEACH SAFETY – Same as the old days!

  Summertime is almost here. And if the Beach is your “go-to” destination with the family, there are many things you need to remember: • Lifejackets • Sunscreen • Portable Shade (umbrellas, pop-ups) • Water shoes • An Electrolyte replacement • A good cover up • Beach towel • A Favorite Hat • Corn hole,…

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As you prepare to take your brood out for some much needed outdoor time, we have assembled some details to remember before you leave the house. BUMPS, CUTS AND SCRAPES ON LITTLE NOGGINS, ARMS AND LEGS It’s just a No-Brainer, keep a well-stocked first aid kit with you on your travels – in the car,…

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Summer Safety Tips

We have always emphasized how important it is to have a fully stocked first aid kit with you, but you may need to consider including some other items that typically may not be in a small kit. Spending some time in the Great Outdoors this Summer? Back-packing, camping, kayaking, or bike-riding – you need to…

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