After searching for weeks, you’ve finally located some antibacterial wipes. Congratulations! We applaud your efforts to disinfect areas around your home or office during the COVID-19 quarantine. Did you know you could be making some big mistakes with those antibacterial wipes?

You may want to just start scrubbing every surface, but should you really be doing that? Well, of course, but keep in mind that you could be sabotaging your cleaning process.

  • Understanding that you want wipes to last and don’t want to waste them, you can’t clean an entire kitchen area with just one wipe. One wipe should be used per area. For instance, you don’t want to use a wipe on your toilet handle, then use it on the front door knob. You could be spreading germs from one place to another. We have to think clearly and with common sense not to spread the germs around.
  • As some disinfectants can be different, read those labels. Not all antibacterial wipes are effective against viruses and many of them need to remain wet on a surface for 3 – 4 minutes to kill all the “bugs”. The label should clearly list the time needed to inactivate specific bugs.
  • It is true that your phone can be one of the dirtiest items you touch during your day. But many of these wipes can be damaging your phone screen. Of course, use them on the keyboards, and surrounding areas of the phone, but not the glass unless it specifies safe for glass. The chemicals can break down the coating on the screens that protect it from fingerprint marks.
  • Should you use these wipes for your kids and dog toys? NO! These have chemicals in them and you don’t want them to be ingested by your beloved kids and pets. Instead, you can clean their toys in many ways: Boil in water and let them dry out, clean with vinegar and water (soak and rinse), soak them in a water and bleach solution (rinse well and dry out), rinse with water and hydrogen peroxide (soak, scrub & rinse), run through the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Don’t make the mistake of storing those wipes improperly. Keep the container closed well and do not expose to the air. The air will quickly dry out those wipes and they will no longer be effective when dry.
  • Please do not use these wipes as a “cleaner”. Clean all surfaces and free them from dirt. Use soap and water to clean, then use a wipe to disinfect.
  • Here is one big mistake that is making the plumbers rich! Do Not Flush Down the Toilet!!! Even if it says flushable, just don’t do it! Wipes and towelettes are thicker and can easily get caught in pipes, causing blockages.
  • Pay attention to expiration dates. Typically, items like these have a 2-year shelf life. Some have dates, others may not. Use a permanent marker and write your purchase date on the outside. Throw them away if expired as they will not be effective for your sanitizing. They will have a weaker scent and have lost their power.
  • Not all surfaces are created equal. These wipes can do some damage to wooden surfaces, so don’t use them on your flooring or furniture.

    ZEE Medical does not carry this item.

Remember, an antibacterial towelette is not a cleaner. It will not deep clean your surfaces. So, be diligent in keeping your surfaces clean first, then disinfect. We want you to stay safe and use your prized possession (antibacterial wipes), effective to keep you and your loved ones protected.