ZEE Medical Sacramento - CPR training

With the onset of Covid-19 back in March 2020, industries have had to make drastic changes to the way business is conducted.  Hurdles of how to quarantine and still maintain your business whether you are deemed essential or not.

ZEE Medical Service ensures your business maintains OSHA/ANSI Compliance but during the last year, it has been difficult to service many of our customers as buildings were closed and many employees work from home.

Businesses have been forced to forego scheduling their training classes because of Covid restrictions.  Now that employees are returning to work, and increased occupancy is being permitted, we are now able to conduct training classes in your facility.

ZEE has modified class size to 10 students.   Our trainer has been fully vaccinated.  Each student receives a manikin that is thoroughly sanitized before each CPR class and placement for each is a minimum of 6’ apart.

In retrospect, maybe you didn’t know that ZEE Medical conducts many types of training classes.

We offer combinations of classes that take place at your business:

All of our classes comply with Occupational Safety and Health Standards.  Completion cards will be sent out to each student upon completion of training.

Check with your Safety Manager or HR Department to see if you are due or overdue for recertification.  Contact us to get your training class on the calendar.