Emergency First Aid Sign


Post this instructional first aid sign at your designated first aid station to provide employees with valuable information in the instance of an injury or emergency.  From CPR to minor burns, this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide will help employees provide first responder care until trained personnel arrive on site.  The sign also provides space for emergency contact information.  19″ x 24″   Laminated with instructions in Spanish on other side.

ANSI Z535.4 makes specific recommendations regarding the placement of signs.  According to the standard, signs should be placed so that employees are aware of a hazard and have time to avoid the hazard or take the appropriate action.  Furthermore, signs should be easily readable and not distracting or hazardous themselves.  Signs should not be placed on or next to movable objects (such as doors or windows) where movement could obscure the sign.  Finally, if lighting is necessary to see the sign, it should be equipped with a battery-operated light, or be made of reflective material or both.