Safety Program

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ZEE Medical offers a comprehensive list of personal protective equipment (PPE), to help keep your employees safe and your business compliant. Van delivered service helps save our customer’s time and money by having products available when you need them most.


Safety products range from personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses, earplugs, gloves, hard hats, respiratory equipment, and specialized clothing), to fall protection gear, ergonomic products, instruction and warning signage, mats, and sorbents.

Choosing safety equipment that is right for your business isn’t an easy task.  It is critical to examine all potential work-related hazards that could result from workplace changes and/or practices.

Taking a proactive approach towards safeguarding workers from these hazards demonstrated safe and responsible work practices and lets employees know you’re concerned for their welfare.  Given the wide range of applications and environment circumstances, consult with a trained Industrial Hygienist.  Ask your ZEE Representative for more information.

How Our Service Works

  1. ZEE is van based and provides industry leading products and services when you need them.
  2. ZEE trained representatives deliver your safety and PPE supplies.
  3. ZEE will maintain and replenish your safety supplies on a consistent schedule.

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