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Understanding Bloodborne Pathogens

Do you have questions regarding Bloodborne Pathogens and proper disposal techniques? This blog has specific information on how to become OSHA compliant and provide a safe environment for your employees or family.


Sharps Containers

  • Containers for contaminated sharps must be puncture resistant.
  • The sides and the bottom must be leak-proof.
  • They must be appropriately labeled or color-coded red to warn everyone that the contents are hazardous. Containers for disposable sharps must be closable (that is, have a lid, flap, door, or other means of closing the container), and they must be kept upright to keep the sharps and any liquids from spilling out of the container.
  • The containers must be replaced routinely and not be overfilled, which can increase the risk of needle-sticks or cuts. Sharps disposal containers that are reusable must not be opened, emptied, or cleaned manually or in any other manner that would expose workers to the risk of sharps injury.

Prompt Disposal

Employers must ensure that contaminated sharps are disposed of in sharps disposal containers immediately or as soon as feasible after use. Sharps disposal containers must be readily accessible and located as close as feasible to the area where sharps will be used.

Handling Sharps

Sharps are objects that can penetrate a worker’s skin, such as needles, scalpels, broken glass, capillary tubes, and the exposed ends of dental wires. If blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), as defined in the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard (29 CFR 1910.1030), are present or may be present on the sharp, it is a contaminated sharp and appropriate personal protective equipment must be present.


The 1.5-Quart Sharps Secure Needle Disposal System features a sturdy, lockable collection cabinet that allows entry by authorized personnel only. When the sharps container inside the cabinet is full, it is placed in a Sharps Recovery System prepaid mailback box for transport and proper treatment.

Note: Prepaid mailback boxes are not included with this system.

This system allows for both standard and newer injectables, including auto-injectors, to be disposed of safely. Stainless steel cabinet includes 4 holes on back of unit for mounting; please follow OSHA recommendations when mounting.
Mount the 1.5-Quart Sharp Secure cabinet in accordance will all applicable regulations (OSHA recommendations). Once mounted and the container is installed, customers and employees can use the cabinet to safely dispose of needles and other sharps used for treating medical conditions.
The Sharps Secure cabinet locks from the top for safety and security (item includes two keys).
When the container inside the cabinet is ready to return for proper treatment, order a 1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System. Then, remove the new container from the Sharps Recovery System, place it inside the Sharps Secure cabinet and lock the unit. Finally, package the used container into the prepaid mailback system (1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System) and return for treatment.



• One (1) 1.5-quart sharps container
• One (1) stainless steel cabinet
• Two (2) keys




The 1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System is a USPS-authorized medical waste mailback system. This cost-effective service provides a 1.5-quart sharps container and a comprehensive, prepaid mailback system to properly dispose of sharps and other small quantities of medical waste.

Sharps Recovery Systems are USPS-authorized medical waste mailback systems. The 1.5-quart system is ideal for small quantity generators in need of a cost-effective and regulatory-compliant disposal solution for sharps and other small quantities of medical waste.
All systems are uniquely serialized for tracking and provide complete compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

• One 1.5-quart sharps container
• One prepaid return mailing system
• Return transportation and proper treatment of waste
• Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer



Bodily fluid disposal kits provide the basic essentials for handling and cleaning of bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, urine, and feces to prevent accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
This kit includes:
• Nitrile gloves, 1 pair
• Apron
• Eye shield/face mask
• Shoe covers
• Packet red-Z absorbent
• 4 oz bottle SaniZide disinfectant/cleaner
• 2 – Red Biohazard bags with twist tie
• Scoop
• Scraper
• 2 Paper towels
• Exposure report forms

Bloodborne Infectious Disease Resources including Post-Exposure Procedures
Bloodborne Infectious Disease Resources including Post-Exposure Guidelines

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