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Why should you have a first aid kit?

Keep a first aid kit.

It’s understood at the workplace the importance of having first aid and the employers’ need to maintain safety standards for their employees as it’s mandated by OSHA.   Away from the workplace, not many give it a second thought, until there’s been an accident. At home, on vacation or on a road trip. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time.

Here are 8 scenarios why you should consider having a good first aid kit:

BURN JELS: You unintentionally grabbed the handle of a hot pot and burnt your hand. If it’s a serious burn, you need to seek medical help. But for small burns, you need to have soothing items like a burn spray or burn jel.
EYE WASH: You were crafting in the garage and got paint splatter in your eye. Your eye(s) need to be flushed with a sterile saline solution.
ANTISEPTICS & BANDAGES: A young child trips and scrapes his or her knee on the sidewalk. Are you prepared with an antiseptic wipe, some antibiotic ointment and a really durable bandage? You can be!
COMFORT TABLETS: You’ve been outdoors and the sun has given you a bad headache. Take two Pain Aid tablets for fast relief.
ICE PACKS: When you were on a hike, you twisted your ankle in an uneven crevasse on the trail. You’re going to need an ice pack on that to reduce the swelling.
SPLINTER REMOVAL: While at the lake someone was swinging from a tree branch and got a splinter in their hand. For this, you will need a clean wipe and a pair of pre-sterilized tweezers. Then a bandage.
STOP THE BLEEDING: Cutting food on a cutting board and you sliced your finger pretty deep and it won’t stop bleeding. This will need medical attention – but as you prepare to be transported for medical help, WoundSeal can easily be applied to the cut and almost immediately, stop the bleeding.
COMPACT AND EFFICIENT: On a road trip, you witness a minor collision and you pull over with your first aid kit. You are armed with a few items that could help while waiting for EMT. Whether it be an ice pack, thermal blanket, gauze, tape, bandages or just a helping hand.

Remember, any serious wound or injury may need professional medical attention.

Be a Rockstar and be prepared with a first aid kit at all times.  It’s a small investment for peace of mind.

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