I’m sure as an employer, you want to take very good care of your employees!  Keeping them safe should be your first priority!

I’ve penned some goals for you to consider and implement within your business in order to keep your employees and your business secure and protected.
  • Do it right – Don’t cut corners

Equipment always comes with directions and you don’t want to allow any of your employees to handle anything without knowing how it works and be properly trained. Make certain whether it’s a paper shredder or a compressor, that each is handled according to instruction and no shortcuts are taken.  Cutting corners will only cause injury and hurts you!  You have an obligation to ensure each and every employee is well instructed and properly trained prior to handling equipment.

Don’t skimp on proper workplace training; it will save you money on sick leave and medical insurance payments.

  • See a potential hazard? – Report it!

You may see a bucket of water or a ladder leaning against a wall or maybe a spill.  These are all potential hazards.  Let’s make sure it’s taken care of before someone doesn’t see it and trips, slips and falls! Report it or fix it!

  • Get volunteers for a Safety Committee

Hazards are everywhere and the more eyes out there, the safer employees will be. Ask several employees to start a Safety Committee.  Have them brush up on your company’s safety manual and know how they can help eliminate employee injury.

  • Establish an Emergency plan

You may be in a location where hurricanes or tornadoes are prevalent, or located where Earthquakes or flooding are dominant. You need to have procedures in place in case we experience of one of these natural disasters.  It’s recommended that you create an emergency management plan and evacuation training. You should have several checklists for your employees:

  • Safety hazards
  • Safety inspections for supervisors
  • Incident report
  • Repair order
  • Vehicle accident report

Talk to your employees and make sure they all know what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Provide first aid, safety apparel & PPE

Safety apparel can be anything from a Tyvek suit with hood and booties, to gloves, glasses, masks or fall protection.  Proper shoes for slick surfaces may be required to keep you from slipping or falling.  So many different scenarios have specific safety items.  Even more so now with Covid-19, we need to have proper sanitizing items and protection to keep us all germ-free.  Having proper safety items is critical to your business.  OSHA requires you stock adequate first aid to accommodate all of your employees.   Of course, all businesses are different and you should ask your ZEE Representative to provide you a quote.

  • Breaktime is essential

You want to stay compliant with OSHA standards and make certain your employees have regular breaks to help keep them fresh and alert.  A happy and alert employee is less apt to have an accident.

  • Are your employees comfortable?

Good office ergonomics will help employees stay comfortable and relaxed.  The workplace design must be at a proper height, either sitting or standing or both.  Is the keyboard at the correct height and angle and is the chair adjustable to accommodate them? You want to eliminate any discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

  • Walk-About

Poor posture or repetitive lifting or twisting can lead to strains.  Encourage your employees to stand up and stretch or just walk about for a minute or two.  This can really lessen the amount of achy, stressed out people.


Don’t be afraid to address areas that need to be updated to provide an ergonomic and efficient workplace.

By investing some extra time and executing a safe workplace, it will save you money and protect your employees from injury.