Keep in touch with you mental health during pandemic

With so many things in our life changing during this pandemic, you can find yourself having difficulty keeping your mind clear. This can really impact your mental health.
You may be spending a lot more time in your residence; Some of you are working from home, or you have now become a teacher for your kids. This is a new type of stress that none of us have ever had to deal with before. You miss eating out and seeing your friends and family members. Your gym is closed, and you must wear a mask everywhere you go! And there is no end in sight… at least for the remainder of 2020.
This stress and anxiety can cause changes in your sleep patterns, your mood, and may even cause you to lose your appetite or overeat. It’s hard to stay focused in a daily routine, difficulty concentrating and being productive.

What can you do to take control of your mental health?

Begin an exercise program.    Take a walk or a hike. Yoga and meditation are great for your mental health, mind, and body. There are many free apps and videos online to help you with a workout program.

Keep in touch with your friends and family. Use social media to chat and schedule regular video chats. You can even reach out the old-fashioned way – by mail! Send a card or a letter. This will help boost your spirits and the recipient as well.

Be more selective with what you watch. Whether you watch the news or follow people on social media, there is a lot to say about Covid-19 and it can be overwhelming. Find a “lighter” type of morning show to watch that doesn’t have every moment, a Covid-19 moment.

Take an online class. Something new and exciting to look forward to. Redirecting and stimulating your brain. And you learn something new..

Read a book. Nothing can sweep you away better than a good book.
Clean your house. It may not be the most enjoyable project on this list, but truly, a rewarding one. Proven to reduce stress and improve happiness.

Rearrange furniture. Start in a room where you spend the most time, such as the bedroom. Small changes can make it feel fresh and new, like a hotel.

Take a Stay-cation – may be just what the doctor ordered! I bet you have some great places to check out within 20 miles of your home. Pack your overnight bag and relocate for 24 hours, and don’t forget to bring your mask.

You are in control. By reducing your social contact, washing your hands, and wearing your mask – can keep you safe and healthy.

You are not alone. There are many people feeling the same way as you. Reach out to a social group, friends, or family. You can also try some online therapy via phone, video chat or messaging can help reduce your stress.


Remember. the Pandemic is temporary and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Redirect your brain and take extra good care of yourself and be a good person. Years from now, we will be all comparing notes about our time in the quarantine of 2020.